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Concept & Idea

One of the most crucial aspects of poker are preflop ranges. Only through a solid preflop game is it possible to play poker successfully in the long term. When immersing deeper into the topic of preflop ranges, one quickly encounters the problem of many different situations and, as a result, the multitude of diverse preflop ranges.

This is where ConvertTheory comes into play. Instead of manually sifting through hundreds of ranges on paper or in lengthy, confusing Excel or PDF sheets, the CT Rangepilot offers a clear interface to find and access all situations with just a few clicks.

The CT Rangepilot has now become a standard tool for managing and efficiently analyzing hands, surpassing the currently available preflop assistants.

Additional features such as video introductions to poker theories and the effective use of the CT Rangepilot are continuously being added. A special quiz to learn individual ranges will support quick and easy memorization.

The primary objectives of Convert-Theory:

  • Offer functionality for both cash games and multi-table tournaments (MTTs).
  • Provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  • Allow easy switching between profiles and scenarios.
  • Enhance the learning experience by highlighting challenging hands, incorporating quiz functionality, enabling range comparisons, and granting access to other players' ranges in any given situation.
  • Allow users to add, edit, and customize a limitless number of ranges.
  • Serve as a complement to programs like HM3 and HRC.
  • Be accessible on various devices, including laptops, large screens, and mobile phones.

CT Rangepilot

CT Rangepilot is a powerful tool developed by Convert-Theory that revolutionizes the way poker ranges are analysed and utilized. It is designed for both beginners and professionals, aiming to enhance their poker gameplay and strategic decision-making.

At its core, Rangepilot allows users to create, customize, and explore poker ranges in a comprehensive and user-friendly interface. Users can easily build their own ranges or utilize preconfigured ones. The tool also enables users to insert their own range-solves and train with them, providing a highly personalized and adaptable experience.

Learning poker ranges

The tool aims to simplify the complexity of solver ranges without oversimplification, finding the delicate balance that enables players to grasp the strategic nuances effectively. Rangepilot also aims to enhance the learning experience, offering features such as highlighting trouble hands, quiz functionality, and the ability to view any player's ranges and compare them in any situation.

Range Viewer

One of the standout features of Rangepilot is its Range Viewer, which provides invaluable insights into opponents' ranges. Users can not only view how they should play certain hands but also understand how their opponents should respond. This empowers players to evaluate their opponents' strategies, identify weaknesses (being too loose, too tight, too aggressive or too passive), and adjust their own ranges accordingly.

Cash-games and MTTs

Rangepilot supports both cash games and multi-table tournaments (MTTs), making it suitable for various playing styles and scenarios. Its versatility allows users to effortlessly switch between profiles and scenarios, catering to different game formats and stack sizes.

Squeezing scenarios

In terms of squeezing scenarios, CT Rangepilot allows for the display of ranges for the open-raiser and squeezer, but not for individual cold-call positions. Additionally, when it comes to MTT stack sizes, only the answer range from not-AT can be displayed, while the squeeze range derives from SQ-AI and SQ-not-AI.


Moreover, Rangepilot is designed to be accessible across different devices, ensuring users can utilize it seamlessly on laptops, big screens, or even their smartphones. It aims to be a valuable addition to existing programs like HM3 (Holdem Manager 3) and HRC (HoldemResources Calculator).


In summary, CT Rangepilot is a game-changing tool that empowers poker players of all skill levels. It offers a comprehensive range analysis and training platform, helps users understand and exploit opponents' ranges, and delivers a user-friendly experience across various devices. With Rangepilot, players can Convert-Theory into practical winning strategies and elevate their poker game to new heights.

Join us and let's embark on this exciting journey together!